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Akshay Kumar - Kajaria Tiles:


Darasal yeh log farz nibhate hain apni mitti ke liye, aur aisa ek farz hum bhi nibhate hain, desh ki mitti se bani tiles se desh ko banate hain.

Jaise baki sab tile companies toh Timbaktu se mitti mangvate hai na!? Har koi desh ki zameen pe hi khadda khod ke desh ki mitti se tile banate hain. I have no clue why patriotism is a force-fit in this campaign. Aap kaunsa desh ki taraf farz nibhate ho? I am yet to figure out.

And then every other brand in India is making a claim of building the nation. Tell me, how your tiles have contributed to the growth of the Nation, except contributing to the Governments Exchequer; which every other business already does. So what's new?

Imagine if your tiles were not in existence; do you think our Nation building would have come to a grinding halt? Come on, give me a break! People would have used tiles of other brands, or wooden flooring or PVC flooring or marble flooring or granite flooring or stone flooring. India would have still moved on my friend.

And then, to top it up, the brand ambassador- clean, suave, ever-fit and patriotic Akshay Kumar. He is riding in a military green coloured Gypsy; somewhere most probably in Ladakh (looking at the terrain) with his swanky Ray-Ban and suddenly he removes his Bans, looks at something, opens the door and does a summe result to land on soft sand. And before you can say Jack Robinson" he has in his grip a poor replica of the Kalashnikov, ready to shoot- whom?! Where is the god damn enemy? Maybe they shat in their pants the moment Akshay summer saulted and ran their butts out. He should be sent to Galvan for sure. And then this famous retort- "Jee jaan laga dete hain kuch log apni mitti ki hifaazat ke liye." There is no battle-field, there is just Akshay, soft sand and a gun. Poorly conceived video for the line that describes it. Kaunsi jaan laga di aapne?

This TVC Campaign is a complete misfit and does not communicate the USPs or one strong proposition of the brand; which if communicated properly, would  have  drawn better and genuine traction.

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