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Are you serious? A whole fucking page just ABOUT ME…


So from where do I begin? Should I tell you about how I was brought up in a strict environment aka British style? Or should I mention about the Surati genesis that is so ingrained in me that I use ‘swear words’ almost as punctuation. To be honest, the ‘British’ style discipline and the frequent usage of the cuss words (of course, they are nothing more than punctuations) are an integral part of my being.   

As an advertising professional, I have worked bloody long hours. But, there was not a day when I didn’t report back to work the next day at sharp 9.30 AM; thanks to my dad who drilled discipline into me. My dad was my mentor, role model, guru and a dearest friend. I was just wondering if it is my love for being on time that got me to fall in love with watches.  

To use a cliché, they say that if you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life. And I haven’t worked a day in my life in the last two decades and more. I have a penchant for insights and I love to observe the human behaviour. In fact, these two qualities have proved to be of great value on the professional front.  

Travel is my biggest passion. I have always had the desire to travel across places, especially the ones less explored. Until now I have explored more than 50+ countries and plan to clock in 100 before I die. But my love for mountaineering and trekking surpasses it all. I have ascended peaks of 20,000 feet and have been to Everest Base Camp a couple of times.  

I am also an avid reader and on any given Saturday evening you will catch me experimenting with my cooking on my family and friends.  


Known-sense has been started with the idea to have a platform to express my views without any filter. The same can’t take place on an official platform nor did I find a more apt place to talk no-holds barred.  So, here it is...

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