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The foundation of a ‘long-term committed’ client-agency relationship is laid by the same qualities of trust, communication and understanding that are essential for a good personal relationship. This, when combined with the right dose of spice (aka innovation) makes the relationship even stronger.

The kind of relationship client and the agency shares between them is what separates good campaigns from great ones. And this is what lays the foundation for a stronger, better and a successful tomorrow.

It is vital that the agency truly partners with their clients in co-creating their brand. The client-agency relationship is no less than a marriage where there will be ups and downs, but what makes it successful is the faith and deep care for each other.

Recently, at Marshmallow, we completed five years with one of our clients. And we truly believe that this is just the beginning of our relationship and we are poised to win together and achieve more together.

But what exactly made this relationship last and stay committed all these years? Here are some factors that we believe truly worked for us.

Communicate: This is the secret to any great relationship. Talk, see each other, and spend time together often. While technology makes being connected super easy, it’s important to see each other, go to their office, know the people, they are who make the company. Connecting with the client on a personal level will add insight to communication and help develop a deeper understanding.

Go that extra mile: Don’t get mired down by processes and formality. Break away from the routine whenever necessary. Make the first move and come up with ideas. We, at Marshmallow, would be involved with the client from the day they would start thinking on a new product; we did share our ideas, give feedback.

We are one: Be the custodians of their brand. Treat them as partners, share the highs and lows, and be available for them in times of need. For more meaningful partnerships, it’s vital that you treat them as a family and having a deep understanding of the client, his brand and know the ins and outs of their business. It is only when the clients and agencies feel secure in the partnership that the relationship grows. Client and agency need to be one to deliver great work.

Keep things fresh: In today’s world there is no final approach, only a constantly evolving one. To keep adding energy to the relationship, it’s important to stay on the cutting edge of creativity and come up with fresh ideas. At times, the agency can add new talent to ‘spice’ things up.

It’s a two-way street: Exchange opinions and ideas, share feedback, share goals, this will lead to successful innings together and achieving desired results. Compassion, empathy, and understanding form the core of this relationship. While the agency must understand the client’s DNA, client must respect the expertise offered by the agency, and trust them with their creative ideas and strategies; offer them complete freedom of expression of creativity and ideas.

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