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So, you want to make a career in advertising! Someone once asked me rather seriously; is there hope for back-benchers, day-dreamers, and those who are good at nothing in particular. I replied, advertising. And I was serious. For I always felt that a jack of all trades is master of one: Advertising.

This is one career choice which is everything but `routine.' Imagine a career where every experience of yours is valued; be it organizing social events in your locality or stint as dog-trainer or having been booed for your singing performance by a large gathering. Imagine a job where you see a matinee show just to observe what people do in cinema-hall; and your boss is pretty cool about it. Imagine a career where you may acquire a nick-name like `Killer'. Well that is advertising, for you as a career choice. And what a choice! It has glamour. It has challenges. It has everything but dull moments. All you need to have is a pleasing personality, good communication skills, and good interpersonal skills among others to start with. Attention to detail, problem-solving skills and hard-working attitude are other essential traits needed to succeed. And a good set-up will train you on-the-job.

What are the advantages of working in such a field?

Well, the exposure is wonderful. You get to work on real-world business problems. You get to see the emerging scenario and trends much before your batch-mates in other industries would otherwise learn. And most important of all, you get to work for diverse sectors in the initial years.

You are tested for every conceivable competency in the world. And if you adjust in the initial days, you would invariably love the industry you are in. Imagine all the action when overnight you are required to deliver a campaign involving photo-shoot with props and cast that include a particular breed of dog, an entire family, a retired-colonel-rank-looking man, and ten different settings ranging from swimming pool to class-room.

Imagine when you get to interact with the who's who of the industry at the beginning of the career and they listen to your point carefully. Imagine all the gratification when the campaign you slogged for is visible all across the town or aired on TV. Imagine the thrill of making your client see your point of view and getting convinced when he has already rejected your campaign.

There is glamour, recognition and also tremendous amount of stress. In short this is not for clock-watchers; or for those looking at a 5-to-9 career!

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